Start date for MurreyMath 0/8 in time

Discussion in 'Strategy Building' started by dojistarz, Nov 12, 2003.

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  2. Here is a formula.

    Take the first full moon in October, subtract 4, 8, or 16 days. Whatever date falls in the first week of October, use that.

    If the full moon is in September, add 4, 8, or 16 days until you get a date in the first week of October.

    Don't put too much stock in the automatic reversal days, they are more decision points than anything else.
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    according to what I found moon was full sept 10 2003.

    SO if I add up 16 days it brings me to Sept 26th

    So do I start again with 4?

    If so it brings me to sept 30th ...not good enough.

    So I add up 8 day to sept 30th and it brings me to sept 8th.

    Oct 8 is not in the first week of october...

    So I am assuming I am adding 4 days to sept 30th to get Oct 4th as starting date to draw my square.

    sept 10 + 16 days + 4 days+ 4 days = oct 4

    Is october 4 the right date ?

  4. I failed to communicate that properly, it should be the full moon nearest the first week in October, try your calculation now.
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    full moon was(maybe?!) oct 9th....

    Because it is past the first week of October do you add 4 to this date?

  6. No idea about Murrey Math, but this is a useful site for the phases of the moon.

    If I understood oddiduro correctly, you would subtract 8 days from Oct. 10, since that would put you in the first week of Oct.
  7. Correct.
  8. Pick the nearest full moon date to Oct 4, then add or subtract using multiples of 4 trading days to get within Oct 1-7.

    So, for this year, take full moon = Oct 10 03:27 ET, subtract 4 trading days = Oct 6 03:27 ET. Murrey claims it is Oct 6, 2003. But an argument could be made that it should be rounded back to Oct 3, 2003 since the 4 trading days from full moon is before market opening on Oct 6.

    Watch the 0/8, 2/8, 4/8, 6/8, 8/8 timelines on 32 frame for the major turning points.
  9. Hrmm...I thought it was based off of...


    Are you talking about something different (or is Tim Kruzel incorrect)?
  10. This is also a method that some use. You will find that the way the date is picked is inconsistent. Many theories abound.
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