Start buying Reits there only up over 100%

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    This market pro says add commercial real estate to your portfolio even though its up over 100% in 12 months. The bubble continues to form.

    Add Commercial Real Estate to Your Portfolio: Pro
    Published: Tuesday, 30 Mar 2010 | 11:49 AM ET
    By: JeeYeon Park
    CNBC News Associate

    The Wilshire U.S. REIT index is up more than 100 percent in the past year. What is the latest read on the REIT market and how should you invest? Harvey Green, president and chief executive of Marcus & Millichap Real Estate Investment Services, and Michael Torres, principal, chief executive and portfolio manger at Adelante Capital Management, discussed their sector outlooks.

    “We’ve seen the top three years ago and now it’s about repairing the industry and getting back to normal metrics,” Torres told CNBC.

    In the meantime, Green said investors should start looking into adding commercial real estate to their portfolios.

    “They’ve raised $34 billion and have really cleaned up their balance sheets,” he said.

    “The one thing about REITs is that they’re only as good as the assets that they have in them and the way in which they are managed. And I think there’s a number of opportunities out there in the REIT market, especially when you compare it to the S&P.”