Start a Hedge Fund for 30k (Serious)

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  1. TraderSV


    Looking for buyer to accquire a Wall Street HF firm.
    It was incorporated in Delaware in March 2017
    It also comes with two brokerage(IB and TD) and bank account with full global margin trading privileges and a Wall Street Address.
    All the tax returns like the Form 5472 are filed. And from 1st January 2018 the LLC made an election with the IRS to be taxed as C-Corp to simplify the owner's tax return(me).
    It also had regulatory clearances from the NFA, filed an exemption for a CPO fund(Costs 60-70k to get it done properly) to raise funds and comes with lists of HNI investors and Institutional Fund seeders and investors.
    Also can form a fresh entity and get the same setup, if you want can get even older firm like 5-6 year old companies, all clean even without an existing EIN.
    Also comes with a platform to demonstrate performance and get capital allocation from investors.
    International buyer also invited.
    Running cost - $1000 p.a.

    Asking Price $30000.
    Previously sold one, buyer is very happy.
  2. trader99


    So you are selling the legal entity with paperwork completed. Not a bad idea.

    Does it have any investors asset? Or just a paperwork shell?

    Just curious
  3. Years ago I queried the SEC about starting a hedge fund for myself.

    They told me, "If you can't raise $50 Million quickly, the costs and regulatory requirements would likely make it a no-go".

  4. destriero


    So you chose to trade your baseball cards as the pawn shop. Good choice.
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  5. speedo


    Trading shells...hmm, interesting niche. Could well appeal to someone with a strong book.
  6. dozu888


    she sells sea shells by the sea shore...
  7. newwurldmn


    Why would the SEC comment on what the AUM would have to be to justify the costs?
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  8. newwurldmn


    Buying this is a stupid idea.

    You can set up your own hedgefund for <10k and if you want to start an institutional grade fund, you will need institutional grade lawyers and accountants (which I doubt this guy used).

    Further, you take on all his hidden liabilities. What if, years ago, the fund employed a lady and sexually harassed her? Its your liability if she decides to sue now. What if the fund defrauded investors in the past? That's your liability too.
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  9. speedo


    I have no personal interest in it. I've had entities set up but no knowledge of fund requirements.
  10. Dumbass capital management? Pls start one so there is more dumb money, which is becoming too scarce these days
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