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  1. Admittedly, raising $ to start a fund is not my strong point.
    The last time a potential investor asked me "How much could I lose?"
    I replied "All of it". un-polished?

    Anyway, next week I have an appointment to meet the head of
    a BB firm in NYC. Any tips from senior members on how to sell your
    returns? seems easy on the surface, however I find pitching risk
    in current environment difficult.

    BTW. It's all automated ytd underperforming SP500. But overperforming
    since 2010.
  2. Not sure anybody's interested if SP500 is up over 20% YTD and you're underperforming.

    All of it is definitely un-polished. Need more spectacular results and no you should not tell them that, just what your results did.

    What was the outperformance since 2010? Was it over 50%?
  3. Cagr 37% since 2010 max dd 24% aum> $100k. Handsomily since 08 but no longer trade as I did 08-09. Sp500 has been averaging 1% yr since 2000 with 2 50% drawdowns.
  4. I don't know with the 08-09 in there if you can just traceback to 10 and omit. Don't mention what the S&P did.
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    sp500 is on an uptrend in that period. How many short positions has your system generated and what was their pf and win rate?
  6. I am looking for someone to trade for me. Better than me learning how to trade. How do you divide the profits with investors?

  7. Well 08 I was more Greybox, and also caught that great commodity
    bubble, where I nearly tripled my account >$100k aum. but also had
    a drawdown of 49%..

    2009 - sized down, decided Forex was a better instrument...developed
    several automated algos.

    2010 - now: Has been running around the clock..So to me it makes
    sense to represent your returns based on what you plan on trading
    in the future
  8. 90% of what I have been doing is Forex so every trade is long/short.
    I recently have added equities Intraday in which I trade 5 strategies
    100% $ neutral with a prop firm.

    Forex is a bit challenging ytd, so I am adapting and bringing online more markets and strategies.
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    you are going to meet a had of a bulge bracket bank to discuss starting a fund with 3 year track record on 100,000 AUM?

  10. My prediction is that come Oct. 2013 when HF's are allowed advertise, competition should drive more transparency. Will HF's be posting returns on FB ? no idea.. However, this has been a motivating factor for me to look into starting a fund. You know let the returns speak for themselves.

    You should consider holding overnight in SPY with some type of hedge
    or trigger that reverses. I recently developed and started trading a strategy that since 1995 = cagr12% max dd = 17%, not bad since
    SP500 did 8%cagr and 2 maxdd of 50%..
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