Starbucks to close 600 stores and layoff 12000

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by turkeyneck, Jul 2, 2008.

  1. In Vegas I go to "It's A Grind" off Desert Inn Rd/Durango area.....awesome girls and very good drinks, etc! :)

    In Austin I love SegaFredo Austin360 Primo.....everything there is excellent! :)

    I love these places as they offer FREE WIFI (Starbucks....pack sand with your fee based T-Mobile hotspots!) and are LOCALLY owned where I can actually talk first hand with the kind of business! :cool:

    Shotgun Cheney's "Blackwater" jackboots could not even get me into a Starbucks!!! :D
  2. jrlvnv


    You should try Sexxpresso on flamingo just east of paradise on the north side of the street. Looks like a trailor but nice girls inside of there and pretty descent cup of java
  3. Yeah having two right across the street from each other was getting a little obsessive and excessive.
  4. peet's has some really strong ass coffee love it. waiting for sbux to take it
  5. The Starbucks by me is very friendly, it has the neighborhood feel. But they do need to get Free WiFi. Cause their coffee is not doing it.
  6. S2007S


    Cant stand starbucks.....

    Lattes and grandes for $5++

    You knew sooner or later those prices would catch up with them....if this economy falls further south SBUX will be closing thousands of stores, there are about 7200 alone in the US, they could easily drop that to 5000 or less over the next few years if the economy doesnt see a turnaround. The last thing people are going to buy during a recession is a $5 cup of coffee that they can brew at home for less than 25 cents a cup.
  7. I honestly think SBUX will be under $10 within 3 months, and I still wouldn't touch it at those levels.

    They are a one trick pony. And that, my friends, is very bad when the pony breaks a leg.
  8. I remember a print ad I saw several years ago for a car. I think it was for a Honda Accord. The car was parked in front of a coffee shop called The Daily Grind. Is that a cool name or what?