Starbucks CEO a hypocrite

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  1. S&P CEO's need to hire Americans as opposed to storing billions in their cash coffers so as to support their stock options until they're free to sell them. Or pay out bigger dividends for crissake you greedy f'ing pigs.

    "Starbucks claimed Wednesday that it has rallied “hundreds” of people in support of a call by CEO Howard Schultz to suspend campaign contributions to Congress and the president until Washington produces a long-term deficit reduction plan.
    Schultz has been pushing the idea over the past several days, appealing to business leaders and other Americans to send a message to Washington by cutting off the fundraising spigot.
    “This effort is not concerned with helping or hurting one party or another – it’s about applying pressure on all those now in office to compromise for the good of the country,” he wrote in a memo Monday."

    “The government needs discipline, the people need jobs – and leaders need to lead,” he wrote.
  2. Roark


    No they don't. CEO's need to make money for their share holders. It's a business, not a charitable enterprise dedicated to reducing US unemployment.
  3. Right, they should all just domecile in Beijing, not pay taxes and screw hiring here.

  4. trendy


    Lights on, but nobody is home. I guess you missed the fact that Starbucks has already hired 36,000 people so far this year, and is looking to hire an additional 70,000 people over the next 6-12 months.

  5. Kubinec


    Schultz might be a hypocrite or whatever else you want to call him, but he's the one who turned a commodity into a world-renowned brand.
  6. gtor514


    IMHO, he's got a right to mobilize other CEO's to shift public policy if he feels current policy is not working well for his business and his shareholders. Who's going to buy Starbuck's Coffee if everyone is unemployed?

    I rather prefer this method of a CEO changing policy, then one who uses shareholder's money to pay off Senator's and Congressmen to write into the tax code loopholes that serve only one business.
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    do not waste your breath... roark and the others will never get it. A multinational has responsibilities and social pact besides the "shareholder", and while we are at it, isn't the "shareholder" who always gets the shaft beside the "customer"? Fucking parasites some of these companies, not all. I dig a few (Starbucks is one of them) but not their blanket apologists...
  8. Mr Jay

    Mr Jay

    It's not about his views being right or wrong. Hell, most ppl r hypocrites. Many CEO's have not realized that each one of their respective companies is a citizen in a community of companies that has a voice and an opportunity to set an example. He is at least exercising his citizenship. If another company disagrees or agrees, they now have an opportunity to respond, which encourages them all to take their place and act as a company. Citizenship is the point. I commend him for the stand whether or not I agree with his POV. It's necessary.