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    Anyone heard anything about A friend of mine, yes they are a real friend & not me, asked me about it, and it was not familiar. Said that I would look into it. I am not trying to plug them, and have no affiliation with them. Think they do seminars, and sell software or something. Want to find out if this is a shill deal or something, b/c I don't want to see them get taken. I did recommend some basic educational materials as a place to start, and told them that there is alot of homework involved with the markets, so be wary of anyone making it sound effortless. That is unless they are members of ET ;-) Thanks all.

  2. gordo...your outdoing yourself...don't ya think?

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    I'm trying my friend.... no really, hadn't heard about it. Wanted to get a better read, before offering other suggestions. Thanks guys, especially ES :) Have a good weekend.