Star of Bethlehem

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  1. Since Christmas is tomorrow this is kind of interesting. Last night I was reading a book by David Horn about humanity's evolution, and there is a chapter in there about the birth of Jesus. We know the three kings were directed to the birthsite by a star, a very very low star in the sky, and very bright. The interesting part about this is that the star MOVED.! Where has anyone see a star move? Impossible!

    So, it seems the star was somekind of spacecraft. This was 2000 years ago, so a primitive person could not describe this bright light as anything but a star. Either there was an advanced civilization on earth at that time (think about it: the earth is billions of years old, so its pretty naive to think we have been the only advanced civilization so far- how was the great Pyramid constructed? we couldn't do that today even if we wanted to) or there were visitors from space.

    Think about this as you listen to the Christmas sermon at your local church tonite or tomorrow.

    Ive got a couple cold hard facts about Jesus to spill out as well, if any1 is interested tomorrow.

    As always, Just a thought.
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    Can't be GG. The operative word is reading. Now if the quote was I was playing this really awesome game on playstation.....
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    How about the idea that somebody just made up the story? A bit more palatable than the other alternatives.
  4. LOL...I know GG didn't start this thread. I'm just saying there's really no need for him to jump all over it to point out how silly this all is. That's pretty self-evident.
  5. you know, I was hesitant about posting this because I knew there would be backlash. Anything that goes against people's fixed beliefs (beliefs they've held strongly all their lives) will be denounced and denounced strongly.

    This is not a book endorsement, but read the chapter on the Bible and read the chapter on Jesus. Something to think about.

    Just a thought.
  6. Just made up the story? Have you read the book and seen all the credible sources he cited?

    Further, if anyone wants more facts on Jesus Im willing to give them along with why all this happened.

    Just a thought.
  7. this is one of the worst threads i've ever seen. :-/
  8. Ya, ranks right up there with some moronic thread about someone wanting to race cars with ET members.......

  9. lmao that thread was intentionally annoying...glad to see it worked on ya..

    btw, if anyone posts moronic stuff, it's you, dude.
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