Stanford, this is our biggest problem

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  1. This clown on CNBC says he was blindsided by Sanford.

    One look at that grinning moron Sanford, and it screams phony.

    Our problem is that people have no discrimination skills.

    I believe whatever natural skills folks are born with are ruined by so called educational institutions, that teach you can't judge anything as 'bad' until its 9" up your butt.

    Liberalism. A mental disorder.
  2. how many cnbc goofs did he fly around in his plane?
  3. JB3


    15% CD's baby!
  4. The nut cases that invest in CDs paying 15% and without FDIC backing are asking for it and they got it. F'm.
  5. probably some kind of laundrymat- invest in illiquid risky companies that the buyer of the cd owns.
  6. The shmuck I was referring to was not an investor, he was some high profile FRONT man and advisor to Sanford.

    He claims he knew[​IMG] nothing.
  7. And you obviously have ZERO reading comprehension skills given that you continue to mistakenly call Stanford Financial Group . . . Sanford with one post after another.
  8. [​IMG]

    That you could only come up with that as a comment says more about YOUR mental state and understanding than my
    faux pas.

    look it up , clod

    PS At least you have enough sense to follow my every post with great care.