Standing strong when everybody knows you have a weak hand

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  1. TGregg


    The NBA Refs are in negotiations with the NBA. They are 57 strong. They've already coughed up 2.5 MILLION in concessions which begs the questions "JFC, how much damn money do these blind guys make?"

    I don't know and the article doesn't say:

    But the writing is on the wall. This must be their full time job and they must be pulling 6 figures. And not even for a years work. You could get 570 guys who'd ref roundball reasonably well for a lot less.

    Here's a clue for you. If there is a long line of people behind you ready to do your job for less and nearly as good, don't think you have a strong position from which you can issue demands.

  2. spinn


    you are a dope......being an nba ref is far from easy as all of the fights that ensue if they use replacement refs will indicate

    is being a mod a difficult job....I am amazed at your ability to be wrong....
  3. jprad


    Dunno about that...

    Parents of grade school athletes can be the most delusional, unhinged wingnuts you've ever run across.

    Not all of them, but for the ones that are, well anyone who's been through the grind of elite club sports and H.S. varsity knows exactly what I'm talking about.

    The abuse some of the refs working those games get for less than $100/game is simply not worth it.
  4. You need the high pay to deal with added security for your home and self with all the crazy fans out there
  5. Mnphats


    They need to get paid well so they won't intentionally throw games. I believe NBA officials don't know what city they will be in until 24 hours before tip off.
  6. The MTA announced it's annual unaudited report. They have over a million in surpluses. Some is cash but the rest is in laddered CD's.

    The board meets this month to figure out the relationship of the level tests to the jobs people have who take the tests. Based on the results, they will be changing the multiple choice tests and the chart package for the level 3 test......

    Will there be many laddered CD questions?

    There is some roll over among the test builders too. The Elliot wave guy from Atlanta is a new addition to the team.

    MTA is presently turtle free but they are standing strong and amateurs are not in the mix. The newsletter person wrote a book on the turtles.