Standing room only on airplanes now

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  2. if i had the power to prevent the person in front of me from leaning back, I would not be having the problems.

    Maybe they should make one side with fixed seatbacks, and the other with movable seatbacks.

    You heard it here first :D
  3. Neodude


    Wait until the thrombosis lawsuits start coming in. They will be yanking out those seats as if they were rotten teeth.

    By the way the reason the airlines are so f'ed up is because of government bailouts and unions. Lets see how profitable GM will be 10 years from now.

  4. Yea, about like AmTrak.
  5. Fly private :D
  6. Eight


    and add some deregulation to the mix.. flying was cushy before deregulation. Now it's on a par with Greyhound or worse if you get the cheap seats.
  7. toc


    Do not know the inside structure of the commercial airplanes, but airlines should try to find space somewhere else other than cramming seats.

    Or they should try to find revenue stream from some other service or item. Every thing should not lead to more pressure on the consumer. :D :cool: :)
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    We need a high speed rail system in this country for safer travel. This system should run parallel with the interstate system. Instead of wasting the billions dumping it into failed companies, it should be used for this purpose.
  9. And intercontinential travel will be done how???
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