Standing Desks Vs. Treadmill Desks Vs. Dying at My Seat

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  1. Hi All,

    Been trading since '97, still at it. Mostly now in my home office. The more I sit, the worse I feel. Wonder if anyone has a standing desk, treadmill desk, what kind of setup with that? I mainly use 3 monitors, ideally would like to get my 10k steps while working, but don't really feel like breaking my neck while changing my exchange field.

    Any suggestions, insight would be great. Maybe you'll be able to get me taking about trading again!

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    Just exercise outside or at a gym. Sit and focus on your work. There's a time for everything.
  3. I have treadmill desk at home. Its hard to break into because of the slight bounce in your step (hard to type), but once your used to it its pretty amazing. Its also hard to walk for 10-14 hours(when you really get into it on the weekend) so make sure you have a normal sitting desk as well. I am up to 3 hours on 2 hours off and back on. I highly recommend it to anyone who is experiencing back pain and or finding it hard to see your toes.
  4. Thanks for your prompt reply. That said, I posted this in hardware, because I am having an issue with my seat and table, and not in trading or psychology, where your response would have been appropriate, and maybe applicable to my focus or my trading.

    I am forced to be within 3-4 feet of my monitors 8-9 hours a day. All of this sitting is hurting my back and my legs, and modern medicine is telling me it is increasing my probability for heart disease and cancer. My focus is not the problem.

    So let's keep on topic, and if you have a standing desk or treadmill desk and any info on how you trade with them would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Thank you so much. Do you recommend a certain model? How many monitors do you have setup?
  6. I also want to mention the reason I switched is because many study shows, sitting for an excessive period of time drastically decreases your life span as well as your "happiness". I wish I could have it at work but I am not allowed. Definetly try it you will be very happy once you get into the groove
  7. Sitting at a desk, holding a mouse or typing for long periods of time usually lead to poor posture and hunched over featuers and poor back alignment, not to mention the hunched over position pushes your stomach out and puts more stress on your lower back.

    Work out regularly, get up every hour, do upper body/back exercises to balance out your current imbalances and every 15 minutes push your shoulder blades into the back of the chair to remind you to sit up straight.

    Standing desks might not be good if you already are in bad posture mode since you will slouch or stand on one leg to compensate.
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    that's a challenging problem.

    are you trading 8 to 9 hours continuously?
    or few hours on, few hours off ....?

    for my case, I trade 3 hrs on, 3 hrs off and average 9 hrs trading per day.

    so I just sit for about 3 hrs continuously. It could be rather uncomfortable
    but at least I have 3 hrs off to do other things
  9. I bought a flat treadmill(without the handles) from amazon and built a stand. I recommend this because you can customize it to your liking (and it's a fun little project). I just fit a laptop on it. My sitting desk has 2 monitors
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    I bought a standing desk for work.
    I found myself standing for the vast majority of my 6 of the 8 or so hours I spend at my desk.

    About a week after this, I noticed my knees were giving out when I would walk up or down stairs. Terrible knee pains which I have never had in my life. I attributed it to the standup desk.

    I have tempered my use of it. Standing only during phone calls. My knees are better. I work out 4-5 days a week.
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