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  1. The lamented demise of George Carlin leaves only Andrew "Dice" Clay (Silverstein, what must his mother think?) and me to uphold standards of indecency. Apropos of this, I am recently in receipt of a complaint regarding my current thread promoting Jack Hershey and SCT in Psych. The accusation is that profanity by the A-Team is allowed to stand, whereas the same by the B-Team is deleted. Were I a moderator (what a delicious thought!), I would moderate stupidity instead of profanity, but this is ET. Therefore let me suggest, following Carlin, that we outright ban the use of certain words in the interest of consistency. For example, I can use the relatively innocuous word "pussy" in one forum, but inexplicably not in another. I can use colorful French language for the A-Team ("Ils enculent des mouches!) with impunity in one place, but "Needleprick the bugfucker" will be censored elsewhere. I would be pleased to chair a thread to establish proper standards of indecency for ET. My best to all.
  2. From the terms of use ...

    5) Registration is limited to one username per member. Elite Trader may, without prior notice, immediately terminate any or all of your accounts after discovering you have registered, and/or posted under, multiple usernames.

    Your tearful assertion about the lack of impartiality, with respect to web site moderation, ring quite hollow when one chooses to post using a sock puppet.

    - Spydertrader
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    hypos multi personalites warrent multi niks
    :D :p
  4. Here is that image of Spydertrader from the party.

  5. I'm on thin ice lately otherwise I would tell you to "Fuck Off!"
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    No that guy has a pretty good pair of shoes :p
  7. He ain't gonna shit right for a long time.:D
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    Careful Spydy.. Grob109.. err Jack.. has used many aliases on this site :p