Standard Mouse or Roller Ball???

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Vaughn, Feb 6, 2011.

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    Just wondering if anyone had any experiences or comments regarding the difference between using a standard mouse or rollerball mouse while trading. TIA, Vaughn
  2. I love trackballs. I have replaced all my mouse/mice with trackballs. I am using 4 of them. Logitech.

    I like it that I don't have to move the mouse. I can roll the ball very quickly. Much more efficient than mouse. I like the design with a big ball than a small one. The wireless trackballs are no good. It kind of dropped dead and didn't work any more. Called Logitech twice. Each time they sent me a replacement. I have 3 of them total, all went dead. Just got fed up and now only use wired ones.
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    I'm feeling like the ball is not giving me the control on the DOM that I might find with a standard mouse. I'll have to try it out on the SIM. I've been using a wired MS roller unit that a gamer gave me. I'm used to it now, but I don't feel I have the control I'd like to have when things get crazy. Course, if I'd relax a bit, that would help. Anyway, thanx for your input.
  4. +1 on the Logitech. They are better ergonomically designed than the Microsoft version.
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    Microsoft optical wireless mouse. I havn't had to change the battery in mine in 10 months or so. Also, use a mouse pad with a wrist rest. I also do fine with notebook finger pads. Make sure you adjust the mouse software settings to suit you.
  6. Either. Whichever you like. Both are just "pointing devices".
  7. Used to have a 3M ergonomic "stick" and after getting used to it loved it for trading (thumb on the button). Unfortunately due to rsi I had to move away from it and am now using a Kensington trackball after trying out Logitech and some praised older Microsoft ones. I love the "dial ring" (for lack of a better name) around the actual ball which is similar in function to a wheel on a mouse.

    I got the cheapest model to try this out but am considering to get the Kensington flagship trackball. Don't want to go back to a mouse / 3 M joystick-like / touchpad / keyboard stick (IBM thinkpad keyoard)

  8. Used a Logitech trackball (the one with the big ball) for a while to prevent RSI. It was effective, also very pleasant to use. You will be a bit slower, though.

    I now use a mouse again, but I use my right and left hand alternately to spread the burden.
  9. I had tried the Kensington trackball too but their design didn't work too well for me. I like them that:

    1) Their trackballs are bigger - I always like a larger trackball than a smaller one.
    2) They have a scrolling wheel (designed as a ring around the trackball). Good for browsing web pages.

    What I didn't like is their base, the casing. Too big. My desk space is very tight. No room for me to put 2 trackballs side by side. So I stay with the Logitech's slimmer design. I wish Logitech would give me a scrolling wheel though. They do only with their model that has a smaller trackball.
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