Stand Aside Fellow Traders

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by myminitrading, Oct 16, 2006.

  1. This market is just to overbought and has not corrected, its just to risky to buy up here. Yes I know it can keep moving higher but it is going to do it with out me.

    Stand aside, the exchanges can only take so many days of this low volume in the futures contracts.
  2. This from the ultimate perma-bull?#!!?

    Well mymini, I AM SURPISED!
  3. Yes, stand aside on a trend day. Easy money. What a rookie!
  4. A trend day, are you on medication?
  5. Indices - Netural Bullish
    Bankers - Bullish
    TRIN - Bullish
    VXO - Neutral Bullish

    While it probably won't have double or triple range extension, I'd say that the bulls made some coin today.


  6. I guess you didn't notice the lod was in the first 5 min of the session (for ES anyway).
  7. Well I tell ya what you just have at this trend day, I am standing pat.
  8. Had bro, as in past tense.

    The move is over IMHO, time to take our profits and come back another day ...

  9. Holy cow 50,000 contracts traded in Dow Mini, what is this 2002 volume.
  10. Sorry, make that 2003 volume
    #10     Oct 16, 2006