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    Obama Campaign Asking Supporters for Dirt on Romney's VP Contenders

    The Obama campaign is known for leveraging its robust online following for all it's worth -- even when it appears to cross the line, such as in 2008 when the campaign accepted untraceable donations over the internet. More recently, the campaign released a mobile app that allows you to see which of your neighbors are Democrats.

    Now the Obama campaign is up to something else online that's sure to raise some eyebrows. They're crowdsourcing opposition research on Republican vice-presidential contenders. For instance, if you register with the Obama For America website using an Ohio address, you are likely to receive an email directing you to go to a website asking you for "Your Thoughts on Portman." The website reads, "Very soon, Mitt Romney could announce Ohio Sen. Rob Portman as his choice for VP. It's on Ohioans like us to make sure Americans get the facts. Share what you think people need to know about Rob Portman." There's a form field for you to fill out with any story you might have to tell that could be damaging to the Ohio Senator.

    The Portman website is the only web page of this kind I've seen so far, but it seems likely that Obama supporters in Wisconsin, Florida, New Jersey, and Minnesota are being directed to similar pages.

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    Obama has a long history of using dirty politics. After all, he is a Chicago pol. Home of the slimiest politicians in the U.S.A. and Obama is King Rat.
  3. at least they are looking for facts. republicans/fox just make shit up as they go.
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    The Obama campaign has come up with a new term, "Romney Hood" for taking from the poor and giving to the rich.

    Romney needs to battle back by putting "the food stamp president" back out there in the media. It caused a stir when Gingrich started it, and it's a good attack. If Romney combines it with the "you didn't build that" attack he has a chance to beat Obama. If he wants to run a subdued McCain-like campaign, he will lose.
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    When you have record like Obama's you do whatever you can to deflect the attention from you.
  6. the problem with those kinds of things is they have been played to the point that even republicans know they are phony.
    at this point people want to know what romney plans to do. the little bit of his economic plan that he has released is laughable. wheres the beef?
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    You mean like Harry Reid?
  8. there is an easy way to show the world harry is a liar and forever ruin his reputation. release the tax returns.
    even you must suspect there is a good reason romney refuses.
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    Let's see Harry's while we're at it. If Romney had tax issues, he would be under investigation by the IRS. I have issues with Romney, but how much money he has made is not one that I care about.
  10. Couldn't agree more.

    McCain at times sounded like he was considering voting for Obama himself. I recall him shutting down a woman who had attacked Obama at one of his town halls by saying Obama was a fine family man or something like that.

    Romney needs a three-pronged strategy.

    1. Hammer on the "failed Obama economy." It worked for Clinton against Bush 41, who was far superior to Obama. Every day Romney's campaign needs a sound bite highlighting Obama's economic failures. There is no shortage of things to choose from. Employment, the debt, the unfairness of the bailouts and their ultimate lack of success, Solyndra and other crony capitalism examples, the dangers of Obamacare, etc. I would also hammer on Obama's reprehensible class warfare rhetoric, ie "he has divided us when he proimised to bring us together."

    2. Attack the media and highlight their lack of evenhandedness. It worked for Gingrich in the primaries and it can work now. He can't sound like he is whining, but Romney has to go to the voters and tell them they can't trust the media. A lot of this has to be done by surrogates. They can highlight such facts as the media's obsession with long-ago details of Romney's life with their utter lack of curiosity over Obama's suspicious past.

    3. Highlight all the unanswered questions about Obama. Start probing into how those divorce records of his Senate opponents were magically unsealed. The Rezko real estate caper. Michelle's excellent no work job at the University of Chicago Medical Center. Her big raise that came when he got into the Senate. Did he apply to univesities as a foreign student? Inquiring minds want to know.

    Above all, they have to attack Obama as a radical who doesn't really get America and in fact finds much of our history as distasteful.
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