Stalin Man of Steel

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  1. Military history channel is running a deal on Stalin. I watched it last night. I had seen it before.

    Stalin had to be the most evil person of the 20th century. He makes Hitler look tame.

    Good watch. On right now @ 8 pdt.

  2. I agree it is a very good watch

    I don't think Stalin was worse then Hitler.Stalin only ordered the murder of his enemies,the other deaths were the results of his polices which he thought was best for Russia

    Hitler on the other hand was a mass murderer who intentionally killed many more people then Stalin did
  3. Kubinec


    lmao only a true f*cked-in-the-head liberal could make that distinction
  4. stalin is indeed an evil man, but i would take him over Obama anytime
  5. There is a difference between intentionally killing 1 million of your enemies and killing 4 million innocent Jews and attacking other countries that are no threat to you

    Stalin is a evil man,i never said he wasn't.I only said he wasn't worse then Hitler and Hitler deserves the title of the 20th centuries most evil man
  6. Stalin was Nero reincarnated. Obama is just a relatively harmless little Sissy.

    Once Obama is out a dem won't be able to get elected dogcatcher and everything will be fixed.

    I get your drift though.

  7. No, you need intellect and sophistication to see the difference between Pol Pot, Hitler, Stalin, Saddam Hussein, Hugo Chavez, etc.

    The reason Russia has ANY attributes of a great power is due to Stalin. Russia lost WWI terribly, lost territory because of it. In a short time(Stalin attained supremacy in 1928 or so), Stalin built up industrial base, and build up a military that was capable of warfare on massive scale. Soviets had some of the most advanced tanks at the beginning of Operation Barbarossa, (Specifically KV-1, KV-2, T-34)

    Stalin's rule got a lot of people killed. However, it was not possible to bring a country that was so backward as Russia was in a short time to face the deadly danger of Hitler's wehrmacht.
  8. I guess thats why Korea is begging to be friends with the US after Obama called all their bluffs and said he was ready to go to war with them

    Somali pirates and numerous Al Quada members have been killed

    9 months into Obamas term and no attacks to the US, 9 months into Bush's term there was 9-11

    Obama may come off as a little nerd in Republicans eyes,But its clear with the people he has in charge of the country's defense he is not(Brzezinski,Gates,Jones etc)
  9. You need to watch the show on Stalin. Unless you have you can't really appreciate how truly evil he was. You will be shocked.

    As far as Russia is concerned, he was the worst thing that could have happened to them.
  10. He is not on the same level of evil as Hitler

    Stalin killed his enemies to protect himself.Others died due to his polices that made Russia the great power that it became.He was not a guy who just wanted to kill people for no logical reason like Hitler
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