Staggering Cost of Afghanistan Effort Raises Questions

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  1. We have a budget crisis here, but we continue to spend money in almost incomprehensible amounts in afghanistan. I use the word "spend" advisedly, since "waste", "piss away" or "throw down a rat hole" seems more accurate.

    We are debating throwing elderly off medicare and the poor off medicaid, but we have billions to piss away on trying to transform a tribal country living in the middle ages into a jeffersonian democracy. Somehow our military brass, led by Gen. Patreus, have convinced themselves that the same strategy employed so successfully here in the War on Poverty can also work in afghanistan. So we dutifully build roads, bridges, airfields, hospitals, schools, etc, none of which can or will be maintained by the afghanis once we leave.

    It costs us a staggering $1 million per year per soldier we have there, not counting a lifetime of medical expenses and shattered lives from those returning with horrifying injuries. We have the most expensive army in the history of the world, but they cannot prevail against a foe which can call on unlimited numbers of brainwashed youths from pakistan, all educated in radical madrass schools paid for by our great allies the Saudis.

    To appreciate the madness, read this from a recent Washington Post article:
    Last year, the United States spent nearly $1.3 billion on military and civilian reconstruction operations in one district of Helmand province — home to 80,000 people who live mostly in mud-brick compounds — about as much as it provided to Egypt in military assistance."

    Every trader here recognizes that we are throwing good money after bad. Too bad our leaders can't.
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    I don't suppose you're running for president next year are you?

    I'd vote for you.
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    They do not call Afghanistan the "empire-killer" for nothing.

    Pull em all out ASAP.
  4. Thanks for your support, but I don't want to work that hard. OTOH, obama plays more golf than I do.
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    I am pleased to say that for the last two months I have played more golf than Obama.

    I will play the golf you run for president.
  6. Are we there as a matter of national security or corporate interest?
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    Originally it was national security, now it's just corporate interests.
  9. Afghanistan's mining minister, said on July 10, 2010 that mineral deposits in his country could be worth up to three trillion dollars, triple the US estimate from earlier this week.

    The biggest mining contract Afghanistan has ever signed is that of Aynak, a huge copper mine awarded to a Chinese company in 2009. Qaderi said the work on Aynak, just south of Kabul, would begin after a completed feasibility study, and after railways and power lines are built.

    The copper contract creates 50,000 direct jobs and more than 300,000 indirect jobs.

    Interesting Statement of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan regarding the puppet Regime's mining contract with foreign companies
    Wikileaks cable: Chinese Firm Again Frontrunner For Major Afghan Mining Contract.

    Just like the way we established a presence in Cuba under suspicious contract law allegedly granting a 99 year lease we are doing the same in Afghanistan to control the award of these mining contracts.
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