Stagflation Dilemna

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  1. That's the problem the FOMC has right now.

    A slowing economy domestically, coupled with inflationary pressures on globally consumed commodities as well as some increase in labor costs that slowing productivity won't be able to resolve.

    Stagflation. The very real threat of it looms large right now.
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  3. Great! I can hardly wait for my 14% thirty year treasury bonds.:D
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    bernanke never heard of the word stagflation....

  5. I'd love 14% treasuries if the stock market is going to be flat or decline.

    I'm all in!
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    sure SS

    - he only build his academic career on explaining why it happens...
  7. He built his academic career on publishing a prominent thesis about the origins of The Great Depression, and the deflationary period that followed.