Stages of a Hershey Trader

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  1. Swordsman (R. Raskolnikov) is a great example of the stages a Hershey trader goes through while studying Jack's "teachings."

    Stage 1 -- Eagerness and Ingratiation

    licking my chops as i only get better yes, agree jack and spyder are great, jack is a little tough to follow but his teachings, once untangled, are very helpful!

    Stage 2 -- Delusion and Defensiveness

    Im sure you probably didnt know this but actually on the very first page of the "Spydertraders Jack Hersheys Futures" thread there are links to many pieces of info for people to do their due dilligence first, ranging from the terminology to concepts to just basic background info. Anyone who read that stuff and continued on would never been seen as following a guru blindly. And it cleary states that one should read all the associated links before moving on.

    Stage 3 -- Denial

    I've repeatedly told you I don't trade SCT only that I asked some questions over a year and a half ago

    Stage 4 -- Acceptance

    Not once have I ever spoken to Jack Hershey and for all I know he's a shitty trader like you all say.
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    You obviously need help with your obsession. Maybe if you start a thread about that someone might help you with your problem.
  3. Yeah.. there's about as much chance of that happening as you becoming profitable :p
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    It is proven. The person can be recognised by his writing style despite he creates several aliases. When reading the above post, at the first sight I really thought that the thread belong to Thunderdog. Going through the statement I continue to deny that it can't be him or what has happened that make him to change his attitude. Surprisingly, at the end of my reading I notice that the alias is Thundergod, not Thunderdog. :D
  5. Jesus made the same mistake all the time
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    There must be a similarity between God and Dog that made me mixing up. :D

  7. sdrawkcab god si dog
  8. R. Raskolnikov is a slow learner, I am witness to that

    but he's got lot of company on this world, so nothin to it I guess
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    All of Jacks followers must be slow.. they are still floundering
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    R. Raskolnikov is Swordsman? Idnt thought so.
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