Stage Hands Earning $290,000

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  2. hey, if they're somehow able to negotiate that kind of pay well damn!! more power to them, and maybe they can teach me something.
  3. 8am to midnight, little to no vacations. I dont see a problem with that. They got a special set of skills and work pretty crazy hours, so they get paid well. Big deal, and this is nyc, 300-400k is nothing. I know people in my firm who works less than 8 hrs a day and make more than that in bonus alone..
  4. thats complete bulls*t. 300-400k is something and a lot even for,
    yes, nyc.
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  7. Everage compensation in Wall Street in late 1990's was around 170k/annum, I recall.
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    Overall, the distribution of household income in New York City is characterized by tremendous disparities. This phenomenon is especially true of Manhattan, which in 2005 was home to the wealthiest U.S. census tract, with a household income of $188,697, as well as the poorest, where household income was $9,320.


    New York City's borough of Manhattan is the richest county in the United States. In particular, ZIP code 10021 on Manhattan's Upper East Side, with over 100,000 inhabitants and a per capita income of over $90,000, has one of the largest concentrations of extreme wealth in the United States.
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    exactly correct. new york is a very competitive place price wise. u can live very cheaply and better in new york then probably any other place in the US. you can start with the fact that the only car u will ever need is called taxi. public transportation is cheap and affordable.
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