Staff member destriero posting obscene messages on my profile page from day 1

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by lisa-world-travel, Apr 11, 2019.

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  1. Warning:

    On day 1, before my posts could even be seen by members, I was shocked to see obscene posts on my profile page. I knew it had to be a staff member. Then came guesses at identity on Facebook. These are then rapidly deleted. I have snapshots of these assaults.

    What kind of a place is this?
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  2. destriero


    Can we see the screenshots? Obscene?

    I'm not ET staff. And no... no posts were made (by me) before your posts were visible.
  3. destriero


    I made no guesses as to your FB page. Your avatar pic is from:

    I posted your (not your) instagram page. You're impersonating Hayley Carling.

    The mods should check your IP against banned aliases.

    Again, let's see those screenshots.
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  4. Overnight


    Lots of people do not like des, for he comes across as very crude, and is quite rude to many people. I've seen some threads where he's a downright jerk in attacking folks because he does not agree with them. *shrugs* Hey, that is his style.

    But one thing he is NOT, is a "staff member" of the forum. That much I do know.
  5. destriero


    I have an IQ prerequisite for conversation.
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  6. Overnight


    Don't you mean "conversatin'"? :)

  7. LIAR.
  8. destriero


    Let’s see those screenshots?

    I saw your posts and clicked on your profile page. Found you impersonating a flight attendant.

    How else would I have found your page?
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  9. NO member could have seen my first few posts as the moderator message was clear that they would not be visible until cleared. In the interim is when the obscene posts occurred.

    Forum staff member crossing the line, guaranteed! Commonsense suggests so. The name of poster further confirms the issue.
  10. destriero


    Uncanny. Everything that you have stated above is wrong.

    Where. Are. Your. Screenshots?
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