Stacking two LG 34UM65 LCDs

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by FreakofNature, Nov 22, 2017.

  1. I need to stack two of these babies in order to free room for additional equipment.

    Can someone please recommend an easy to use rack to accomplish this simple task?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. tommcginnis


    It will be a lot easier on you to move that extra equipment, and turn your head from side-to-side, than to spend your day looking up-and-down. We tend to the horizontal arrangement not by fashion, but biomechanics.
  3. Great suggestion and much appreciated, however, the issue is lack of space, intention is to add screens.

    Wish I had other options.
  4. hmcp


    can you just use wall mounts ?
  5. maxinger


    You have choosen the monitor which can't be rotated 90 degree.
    Some Samsung Monitors can be rotated.

    I have one of the monitors with similar problem. I just physically rotate it and put some brackets to hold it.
    Then go display card setting and make necessary changes.

    alternatively make wall shelf and put the monitor there.
  6. tommcginnis


    I have a third, larger (24") monitor over my desk (22"? + 19") monitors, and attached it using a C-shaped bracket for adjustable shelves. ($3 from Menards?). I cut the bracket in half, and mounted one half to the wall. The other half mounted to the back of the monitor, using 1.5" steel offsets ($2??), so it would hang with a slight down-angle. The two C's hook/unhook nicely together, and slide (once nested) easily for a good 6" for finer adjustments. Sweet.
  7. hmcp


    you can buy adjustable wall mounts for around $20 from walmart that will work with 40 inch monitors . I like the DIY you came up with Tom .