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Discussion in 'Journals' started by Option_Trader32, Apr 14, 2007.

  1. I'm going to post my stock option trades here. I only take long option positions. Typical trade duration is 3 to 20 days.

    I bought A (Agilent) aug 35 puts at 2.02. Stop at 1.40.
    Yes, these were bought Friday but they closed at 1.91, so I hope I don't get flamed for posting on Sat.:(
  2. By the way, I am trading a real money account. No demo or paper trading.
  3. swilner


    Can you tell us more about the strategy--specifically, how the trades are generated?

  4. I just look for channeling patterns and a 4 to 5 week cycle.
  5. Here's the daily chart of Agilent. Looks like it may go down from here.

  6. xiaodre


    that kinda looks like a broadening formation to me, which means you would be 100% right on this one. Anyways, good luck!
  7. Rocko1


    How many days and how much rally on the underlying would make the option hit the stop of 1.4?