STABLE media player for windows?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by bungrider, Apr 6, 2004.

  1. Anyone know of a stable, maybe even open source media player that can do real player streams and/or windows media streams?

    I'm getting tired of real and WMP (pronounced "wimp") 1)crashing, 2)CONSTANTLY wanting to send god-knows-what information out from my internet connection, and 3)bombarding me with ads for shitty pop music for 13 year olds...
  2. I use Windows Media Player every day to listen to streaming shows, and rarely have any problems - in fact, I cannot remember the last time I had a problem. What version are you on?

    What about RealPlayer?
  3. Real Player sucks. I use the latest Windows Media Player and haven't experience any issues.

  4. I use WMP, and don't have those issues. What ads? And, what information do you think it is sending out?

    If it keeps crashing, you either need to upgrade or see what it is conflicting with.
  5. I've got the latest WMP, too...and I agree, it has been great, and then it froze me this AM.

    RealPlayer I haven't used in 3 years - to make a long story short, ~3 years ago, I bought a brand new laptop and had all these weird freezing problems. at the time I was using AOL for internet, so I called them, assuming it was an AOL problem -- it was realplayer. i uninstalled it, and all my problems went away...

    WMP has too many bells and whistles...i just want something easy, small and stable...

    thanks for your help,
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    try realplayer or winamp. both beat wmp by a mile, in my opinion.
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    Bung have you tried: We use it everyday.
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  9. I will never ever allow Real to install any of their shit on my system again. The last time I did they littered every single aspect of my machine with links for AOL etc. The Start menu, favorites, Links, desktop - those bastards! Then when you play a Real clip you get a message center with yet more crap.

    I use Winamp 5.0 for all my audio/video needs. Free, skinnable and very stable.
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    the funny thing is, WinAmp is owned by...AOL.

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