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  1. I hold these trades usually overnight or a few days and trade at EOD. All comments welcome. Today, near EOD I

    short IYR at 41.68,
    long AUD at 8356

    I'm concerned about the IYR short, its like standing in front of a frieght train.
  2. I've traded just traded out of

    AUD 8365 - for 11 pips profit

    I've reversed the IYR, am now long

    I traded at 40.66 for $1.02 profit per share

    I also have a half trade in
    OIH, short at 103.48
    OIL, long at 24.88
  3. I traded out of the IYR at 39.73 for 93c loss per share

    I have a limit order for the next 3 hours on AUD, short at 8348.
  4. traded out of OIL, EOD at 24.93, for a 5c per share profit

    entered fxi long, EOD at 41.80

    Actually got filled on the AUD short, at 8345, (though took longer than expected to fill).
  5. Just now, at EOD,
    I reversed the AUD trade at 8301, now long, for a gain of 44 beeps.

    exited OIH, at 103.67, for a loss of 19c per share

    exited FXI, at 41.06, for a loss of 74 cents per share
  6. At near EOD, I went long fxi at 39.24
    went long OIH at 99.51
    exited AUD, reversed and am now short
    exited at 8222 for a loss of 79 pips
  7. Today, near EOD, I
    exited the long OIH, now square, profit of $2.44 per share
    exited the long FXI and reversed, at 40.00 now short
    profit of 76c per share
    exited the short AUD, at 8265 now square, loss of 44 pips
  8. Today I exited FXI at 40.00, breakeven.
    Am now out of the market altogether
  9. Today at EOD I
    shorted IYR at 39.25
    shorted OIH at 105.04
  10. Today near EOD, I squared up the
    OIH, exit at 110.22, for -93c loss
    IYR, exit at 39.91. for -66c loss

    and Entered
    Long FXI at 40.39
    Short AUD at 8377
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