St. Thomas, Virgin Island Traders?

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  1. Are there any St. Thomas, or St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands Traders here?

    It would be nice to get together over beers sometime.
  2. Talk about a dream come true!!
  3. What kinda web access you got down there?
  4. Elliott


    Not there now, but wish I was!

    Plan to be back in St. Thomas, St. John, BVI area later this year.

    Much Success,
  5. St. Thomas? You guys drive on the wrong side of the road. Same thing with BVI, where the roundabouts gave me vertigo. Lovely vistas, though. Tell you what, you provide the airfare, and I'll supply the beer.


  6. Hello,

    To the trader out of St. Thomas. I will be attending a wedding @ Meagans Beach in november and have been awarded the resposibility of throwing a going away party for my best friend. Now I could surf the web and come up with some stationary party that will consist of the same old bla bla that may be considered to be the norm. My question is, what can I do that would make this party extremely remembered for years to come and take note everybody at this party will be single, for the most part.

    Your opinion would be gretly appreciated.


  7. We've got a T1 and a DSL backup.

    The T1 is direct to Sprints backbone in Orlando, FL. We get 60ms to 70ms latency to our trading firm, and plenty of bandwidth.

    We've got battery backups and a generator in case the power fails.

    - Curtis
  8. what firm is dow there?
  9. There are a bunch of trading firms here or moving because of the crazy tax benefits for U.S. citizens who provide sufficient benefits and gain a tax exemption from the Economic Development Commission.

    Essentially you can get 90% reductions in U.S. taxes legally if you qualify. Usually it means hiring at least 10 Virgin Islands residents investing in the local economy, etc.

    These benefits apply to personal income and corporate for Virgin Islands residents for income that is covered under their exemption.

    So we've got Driehaus Capital, James River Capital, Galt Capital, and quite a few others whose names escape me.

  10. Curtis,

    Speaking of Galt, your last name wouldn't be Faith, would it?


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