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    Would like information on trading from St.Thomas usvi.What are the broadband capabilities? I have a place to stay in St. John and woul like to spend more time down there,plus the commute would be great.Thanks in advance
  2. I think Zone trading has an office there. Or did. or somewhere in the Caribbean
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    I swing trade from St. Croix on dial-up with no problem. You can get broadband. There are a couple of hedge funds here, and they (obviously) have their own sat hook-ups. There are "homeowner" versions available for around 6-800 install and about 60 a month.

    I guess it all depends on the time frame you trade in.

    Dropped connections and power failures are part of living in paradise. UPS/generator always a good idea. I always have a cell phone handy, but rarely have had to use it - again it depends on your time frame.

    By and large, shouldn't be much different than stateside.

    Come on down!