St. Pauli Girl (A German Love Affair)

Discussion in 'Journals' started by rolextrader, Oct 30, 2010.

  1. Lots of effort went into the development of this DAX futures system and I couldn't have done it without warmth and comfort of having her by my side.

    Let's see what happens as I go live.

    Note: $=Euros

  2. prefer Guinness but pauli girl will do
  3. Don't trust the Germans - they started World War I and World War II - have you forgotten?

    And have you heard their Chancellor lately - sounds a bit like Hitler.

    Watch out.
  4. Her backside is nicer than that backtest.

  5. rolextrader,

    I am missing beginning / ending balance and your margin / equity ratio since start of your program. Daily VAMI ?

  6. Yes, those are missing in the backtest by design.

    I wanted to see the peak to valley drawdown before committing to a starting equity. Given the results, an intial margin of $50K is appropriate.

  7. The sledding was initially rough today but I ended up green. $=Euros

  8. A very slow day.