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Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by StLouisTrader, Apr 5, 2008.

  1. Are there any experienced, full time stock traders in St. Louis that want to hook up? I have a financial background (CFA, etc.) and trading full time for over 5 years. Would be great to find anyone else in the area in a similar position.
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  3. Maverick74


    Where did you go to high school?

  4. Ah, clearly you are someone with local knowledge. I haven't been here that long, which sometimes confuses those who ask. Are you still here?
  5. One last time, else I'll check back in a couple three years.
  6. Maverick74


    I'm not still there. What part of St. Louis do you live?
  7. longhi18


    I am right across the river in edwardsville, but I am not a pro. trader.
  8. I live in the city. I mainly trade index futures now.