SSH tunneling for VNC

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  1. I want to use VNC to remote access my home PC for trading.

    The problem is that port 5900 is blocked in the office.

    I hv googled and found that I can hide it by SSH tunnelling. Someone knows how to do it?

    Another advantage of the SSH tunnel is that you can hide your VNC-ing or for that matter, any other communication (email, webbrowsing, ftp, etc) from your corporate network.
    Just configure your home NAT/router so that port 443 is forwarded to your SSHserver on port 22 and you have an (almost) unblockable / always-reachable way of evading the corporate nazis all the time.
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  3. If some employers take a dim view of time wasting by surfing the net, I'll bet some take an even dimmer view of attempts to circumvent network secuity and usage policy. How are they to know what traffic you are running over the SSH tunnel ?
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    First, you'd have to get through your company firewall.