SSH Sunshine Heart NASDAQ

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by truesouth, Mar 7, 2012.

  1. truesouth


    Anyone know of analysts covering SSH in US.
    New bio-tech listing about 2 weeks ago on NASDAQ after trading in Australia for 5 or so years.
    Would be keen to know how much information is out there in US to get a feel for how it will trade in these early weeks. Thanks!

    Teh trade so far on the NASDAQ:
    Lumpy trade so far as only small volumes. Price fluctuating wildly from listing at about 15.00 then going to 23.90 then dropping to 10.50 all within 10 days and NOT on the back of any news!!
    Lots of Aussies converting their Aussie shares to NASDAQ shares then selling at some profit so that is driving the price down - cant go on for ever - guess some US buyers getting in for short term bargain until short-termers are all sold out.
    (Note US residents cant buy legally on Aussie market - so an arbitrage opportunity opened up driving up volume on ASX by 12-fold).