SSFs - Do they suck?

Discussion in 'Financial Futures' started by lindq, Nov 4, 2003.

  1. SSF are always like that. DIA moves 30c - but the DIA SSF moves 2c. Some times there are insane spreads for no reason, and many times there is very awkward movements.

    This happens so often that I believe that SSF is not a reliable instrument to trade directionally (like you trade stocks, buy lower sell higher etc.). They may be good for alternate strategies such as hedging, arbing, etc.

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  2. lindq


    Thanks for the responses. From my experiment, and the posts here, I can see that it is not as pure a play as I had hoped. I suspect in the case of BAC it is the issue with the dividend.
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  3. Ok, that would have worked. Frankly it was a pittance position, I had held it longer than intended, had watched my winner turn into a loser, and with expiration only days away I didn't want to deal w/ it anymore. I guess they call that tuition on multiple levels.
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