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    When will we be able to get SSF quotes? It appears in the TWS as an option, but it says you must have subscription to ONE. I tried to get update on market subscription, but ONE was not an option. Also does anyone know if there is going to be a charge???

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  2. to send us a bulletin ...

    why the rush to know ?

    SSF's start on the 8th Nov ( if there are no more delays)

    I am sure all customers will find out by then

  3. Yeah, no kidding.

    Two questions-

    1)what kind of IB acct do you need to trade SSF's??

    2)what will the deal be with margin requirements?? (say you position stock, options, and SSF's all on the same underlying)
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    It looks like we'll be putting the accounts into the commodity side to avoid PDT rules and provide the added leverage (you'll get 5:1). You'll might have to log onto the account page to request persmission to trade them. Info will be forthcomming

    From our web site:
    "Firms have a choice of carrying SSF positions in a securities or commodities account. At this time there is greater margin benefit to offering SSFs in a commodities account, and so IB will be offering SSFs in a commodities account. If and when final SSF rules are issued by the NYSE and NASDAQ providing margin benefits for stock, option, and SSF combinations, IB would offer SSF securities accounts. Click here for an explanation of SSF Margin rules. At launch IB will not allow delivery on SSF contracts but will instead will close out positions on expiration day."
  5. Thanks for the info. I was hoping you'd chime in, def.

    So if I "upgrade" to the Universal Account, I should be all set to use SSF's??

    Data seems to be free from the exchanges for the rest of 2002 - will it be free for IB customers during this period as well?

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    If data from the exchange is free, I assume we won't charge. Commission has been confirmed and will be $1 via IB.

    Later this or tomorrow evening, you should be able to subscribe to trade SSF's via the account login page.
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    hope you guys dont mind my ignorance, what are SSF, and what do they offer? Any place to read up on them?

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    IB just put SSF trading permissions on their account page. Must authorize if you want to trade em.

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  10. I just checked off SSF and then nothing else happened after I updated it. Aren't there the usual forms and quizzes to take or something?
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