SSD in XP?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Scataphagos, Oct 19, 2009.

  1. The main problem with SSD performance is in "4K random writes". Intel X-25M G2 is far and away the champ here. 60MB/s are common. (A couple of others reach 8-10 MB/s, most are still ~2 MB/s or less.)

    Another problem with SSD in XP, is the need for "partition alignment". (Google on this if interested... lots of info... easy to do.)

    With backups, imaging, cloning... could be easy to mess up and lose your partition alignment and thus reduce performance.

    Intel, however, claims it's X-25 is "mostly agnostic" about partition alignment, so I tested this claim.

    As I'd like to not bother with alignment if practical, I ran an X-25M G2 "not aligned", with the following Crystal Diskmarks...

    256 / 92
    205 / 92
    24 / 60.

    I then aligned the partition and did a fresh intstall of XP SP3 (took < 7 minutes)... marks were about the same for each category, except "4K random writes were 65-68 in tests".

    Therefore, I decided not to bother with partition alignment.

    The X-25M G2 keeps getting the nod as "best overall".. I'm sure it's because of the high "4K writes"... though others are faster a writing large files. (Intel optimized this drive for "small file random writes" at the expense of slower large file writes.)

    Everything is at least a little faster... some things are a LOT faster.... example, copy 160G, 1500 MetaStock data files (half are < 1K size)... takes about 3 seconds.