SSD HDD In Desktop?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by gnome, Oct 5, 2008.

  1. Faster boot?

    Faster anything?

    I've read that some have compatibility issues..

  2. EvilC0P


    I personnaly like those SSD HD, dont have one tho unfortunately, because i don't really need one that bad.

    But if we sit and think about it, did some reading about those drives.

    technically to my knowledge, it is pretty much pointless the SSD for trading purposes. If i take X-Trader as an exemple, only software i have experience with.
    It creates a lot of logfiles. And if you use time & sales windows. that is even more logs/files created and being filled of data.

    SSD is amazingly fast in reading. not at writing.

    So i was thinking, what could be the best use of those drives.

    And i came up with this : a static DataBase. [ static, no writing ]

    because also a problem with SSD is the fact that it dies over time with writing/erasing data on the memory. just like usb keys [ technically the same technology]

    To boot a system, SSD is the way to go tho. if you install only the OS on it, to minimize read/write to that drive.

    i felt like sharing. =]