SSAT - Signaling Software Asssisted Trading

Discussion in 'Forex' started by realticktrader, May 11, 2005.

  1. Hi all,
    For those that haven't seen is a link to see the software: ..This link will explain further of what it can do..
    Very helpful and free to use...
  2. Can't "log in" to your server...then I tried again and it said I was logged in...I am known as electricsavant at your server...

    What does the check box "thay doi" mean and do?..what language is that?

    Michael B.
  3. Hi electricsavant,
    Sometimes my server is busy that it doesn't accept connection ... anyhow I saw your name in the system, and i have log you out...that box is for you to change password if you wish...
  4. Ok, I re-logged in.... you cleared me...but I have waited 10 minutes now to get my screen? Still nothing..I am afraid to try an log in again because my first "log in" is still pending, and I will simply repeat my first problem of already being logged in...

    Michael B.

  5. Hi electricsavant,
    Currently I have about 30 people using this software, and not all of them login at the same time, most of them did not experience the "user already logged in somwhere else".. like you did... The problem was the connection from your computer trying to reach my server...and in between it has some congestion... As my server now is capable of accepting up to a few hundred connection at one time...
    And Most people get all the data in about 3-4 second after successfully logged in., instead of 10 minute that you went through on yours..
    I understand it can be frustrated for you not being to run the software smoothly..but try again...if it can't run on your computer well...then try on other computer with a different connection to see how it is..
  6. Ok,

    I switched computers and I am in. It is very visual with lots of sliders and colors, with audibe alarms.

    This audible part needs work as it misfires a lot. The signal appears and disappears too. I would use the audible portion to wake me at night to catch a signal. But the way it is now, I would not get any sleep. It seems that there is time to enter, but I must watch it a little longer. I think the signal on the chart sticks when the entry is hit...

    There is a nifty chatroom built in for traders to talk to each other...I should be a real big hit in you ET'rs know I can't shut up!

    Steve, the developer fired up internet TV and showed me some things live...right there on my computer...

    I am told this is free because the resources that this trader uses does not cost him anything.

    He claims performance sheets (signal logs..button on platform)) will be available next week.

    Michael B.

    late edit:

    It seems we are watching for a short at the 1.2818 level in the EUR/USD (we are currently@1.2797) but its one of those signals waiting for an entry and it oscillates on and off with price. I do not think its a signal yet...just a "get ready" for a signal. But I had to turn off the audible portion...

  7. An announcement was made in the platform:

    Upcoming improvement:

    Audible alarm will only be triggered within the range of pips you set from signal price.

    Autotrade module coming to press all the buttons on your trading platform for thats kewl cause your dealer/marketmaker does not need to offer it as part of THEIR plan...

    Michael B.