SRS the moon Edith??

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  1. Whats it gonna take to hit another high like the one in Nov?
    This 2x bottom? I think Nov. was around the time when the
    uptick rule was reinstated ...I could be wrong, and thats the reason for that moonshot and the ones before on a longer term chart. If it breaks the 63.25 high from the 29th watch it soar. The credit crisis isn't over ...resets, retail.
  2. The credit 'crisis' may not be over, but the market already made a bottom. All further news priced in.
  3. I got my average down to 70$ a share.

    Hope it skyrockets.

    Al we need is some kind of nuclear attack so the markets can tank.
  4. In at 62.21!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Hit 63.25 we play.
  6. Man, how does it do that? 10 million traded and with the precision of an archer it hits 63.25 --to 1/100th exactly and pulls back.

  7. 1. Been here since August and ya already have 370 posts. Good job!

    2. "Hope"? It's four letter word (and a floating hospital).

    3. Who's Al? Oh......oh, you mean misery loves company?

    4. Averaging down, aka a Martingale eventually works. It's why casinos have various house limits. Works great for people playing to break even (and have both pockets and paitience).

    4. SRS made distribution, from strong hands to weak. Like you. The notion that "it's" going to turnaround and skyrocket is___________________ Fill in the blank.
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  8. S2007S


    Im averaged in at $60.10.

    Will be buying URE in my IRA under $4.25.
  9. Lots of smack talk from someone who was buying Countrywide (CFC) from $35 all the way down.

  10. MGJ


    The quote is "to the moon, Alice".

    Spoken by Ralph Kramden, to his wife Alice, on The Honeymooners. (ref)

    You're probably thinking of Archie and Edith Bunker at 704 Houser Street, Queens.
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