SRS & a couple $100,000.

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  1. On Nov. 21 it hit 295. and change. Right now its hovering around
    in the low fifties, its 52 week low. A thousand shares at the right time would have made you a couple hundred thousand, I know
    hindsight is 20 20, but the real estate crisis isn't over and the question is -- what are the chances of that event repeating?????
    If you look at it from the Elliot Wave pattern Nov. 21st was the peak and it won't happen again. With all the layoffs there's bound to be more foreclosures and with all the retail said to be
    OOB there's a chance it could make a couple hundred thousand again. I've been trading this thing for a couple weeks and have make thousands from it but just keep seeing that gush whenever I do a 3 month chart on it. Opinions?
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    Commercial real estate is going to be alot worse in 2009 as many retailers file for chapter 11, this week they predict 10,000+ retailers closing, Im averaged in on SRS around 55.50 as of today.

    However if URE does make it back down below $4.00 again sometime over the next few weeks or sometime in the 6 months I will go long.
  3. 3.07-4.17 was the range for URE on the 21st, the day SRS soared to its high of 294+. That would be optimal timing to
    take advantage of any repeat. What are the chances? I'm just leary of that Elliot Wave pattern. I don't use it but I've seen the pattern verified alot. The story trumps Elliot wave though. Here's hoping.
  4. In at 50.50
  5. ....Nice call. :D :D :D :D :cool: