"srael is a Lunatic State' - Finkelstein on Gaza Flotilla Attack

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  2. What Really Happened: Witnesses shed light on Israeli raid, IDF clings to self-defense

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  3. Lucrum


    Who's going to pay attention to anyone named Finkelstein ?
  4. Nothing like the Journalism of "Russia Today". We all know the russians have always been an honest and peaceful people and have always been our ally, never siding with our enemies. We should listen to them.
  5. You are right peilthetraveler, we should all switch to your Pat Robertson and his 700 Club.
  6. finkle guy obviously brain damaged.

    took 10 seconds to respond to every question.

  7. There was a 10 second delay from the host in Moscow via satellite feed to New York...

    Gosh, you aren't too savvy about these things, are you?

  8. Funny, my skype sessions with traders in Russia certainly don't have a 10 second delay. Guess they should consider switching to skype instead of these sattelites. LOL!!

  9. gosh, that satire went right over your pin head, didn't it.
  10. Having lived in Russia for years, I can - without a doubt - tell you that everything resembling "news" coming from that country is pure speculation and never based on fact.

    Not that our MSM is much better.
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