SR Won't Return A Fee

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by shohami, May 10, 2006.

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    Interesting story ...
    I used SR for about 3 months, paid their $50 fee every month without a problem. Since day 1 I was experiencing problems, with fast market moves, and not-so-fast market moves, or just when I made a buy/sell order, the software would "freeze" on me. After a few emails with SR support, they told me something like - "yes, we have a problem with ISP's in your country, you will have some freezes unless your ISP's take care of it."
    I got annoyed with that great answer, and switched to X-Trader. But ... I made a "mistake". I traded on May 1st with SR, and switched only on May 2nd to X-Trader. Two weeks ago I had seen in my daily statement that they took a $50 March fee! My broker had asked them for a refund, but they wouldn't give it!
    To sum up, I wasn't satisfied by their service, left, traded only one day in March, and still, they took the $50 March fee! Sounds outrageous to me.
    Wanted to share this, and hear some opinions.

  2. hey shohami
    Which country are u in if u dont mind me asking
    I have the SR and i ma in NYC it work fine but a friend of mine want to use it who is over seas
    So i was just trying to get some information
    Thank you
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  4. shohami


    Yeah, what can I do with their address ?! Storm into their building and demand my $50 ?!
    I don't deal with them directly, my broker tried to get the money back, and nadda.
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    Sorry, I didn't mean to sound attacking, this is just so frustrating. Thanks for trying to help, I appreciate that.
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    just weird...i had always so a great service and i had a refund when they found out I (my broker actually) was right...i have a great one, believe me...sorry for your bad experience
  7. Strategy Runner is in Israel arn't they?
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    They also have offices in Israel, yes. But apparently their servers aren't, otherwise I wouldn't be experience such lag.
    Oh well, I probably won't see my $50 back, and a company got paid some money it doesn't deserve.
    Just a warning for people switching platforms, or just making new subscriptions to platforms - the platform company can charge you the monthly fee as soon as you make the first login, doesn't matter how much you traded that month.
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    You made the right decision to go with X_Trader for speed and reliability issues