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  1. hi
    were do i get sqwak box at?? i hear about it alot..i wanna hear the pit traders lol..
  2. never mind im spelling it wrong ...haha no wonder i couldnt find it
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    Do you just hear pit noise on xsquawk.com or is there commentary, too?

  5. You get commentary and pit noise.
  6. so ya i downloaded the xsqwak player..but it says no brodcast??? am i oding something wrong or is there no broadcast right now?
  7. Are you running Zone Alarm? If so, change settings on firewall to med or low. Start squawkbox and you can then go back and reset firewall to high. If you don't use Zone Alarm then I would suspect that there is a similar firewall problem.
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    IF your behind a firewall it won't work I had to disable my "ZoneAlarm" firewall, send their tech's an email I got a return email within a day (36 hours) so they are responsive, mine works fine now...

    Good luck

  9. Can someone tell me what I am giving up getting the free squawk vs. the los.net and the realfutures.com which sells for 75-125 mo. There has got to be a catch. Nothing is free...
  10. i dlaoded the one off xsqwak.com ...is that the one u are talking about...whats zone alrm????
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