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    Can anyone direct me to a place where I can get the squeeze indicator without having to pay Hubert 1000 bucks, as he probably makes 200k a month from the trading room anyway, so it won't hurt his bank account !!
    The squeeze indicator is for when th Bollinger bands cross over the Keltner channels...
  2. Are you looking for intraday charts? If you are looking for eod charts, then go over to the wealthlab site and I believe you can find something similar to that free there.
  3. They stole it from the TS forums, so it is there. I think it is called NickBigMove or something along those lines. Just search for it if you have TS.

    All of the TTM indicators are on the TS forums, so don't pay a dime for something they took for free and are trying to sell you. (read: rip you off).
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    They're also trying to sell a pivot point study for the same price. Rip-off merchants, endorsed by CBOT.
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    Well put.
  6. Here is Nicks Next Big Move, from TS:

    [LegacyColorValue = true];

    { NickMNxtMove, "NickM Next Move" }
    { Bolinger Band Squeeze (BBS) Indicator }

    { A variation of an idea by nickm001 (Originally coded by eKam) that when Bollinger Bands (BB) fit inside
    the Keltner Channel (KC), a breakout is about to occur. It works on longer term charts, such as
    15 minute to daily charts.

    This code creates an indicator that plots the ratio of BB width to KC width. When BB and KC widths are
    the same, the ratio (BBS_Ind)is equal to one (1). When the BB width is less than the KC Width (i.e. BB
    fit inside KC), the BBS_Ind is less than one and a breakout is indicated.

    An Alert Line is provided to indicate the level at which the trader considers that the "sqeeze is on" and
    a breakout is eminant.

    Coded by Kahuna 9/10/2003

    Added by eKam: 9/10/2003
    The average of where price has been relative to the Donchian mid line and Exponential average of the
    same length is also plotted as an attempt to predict the direction of the breakout.


    Inputs: {------------------------------------------------}
    Length(20), { Length for Average True Range (ATR) & Std. Deviation (SD) Calcs }
    nK(1.5), { Keltner Channel ATRs from Average }
    nBB(2), { Bollinger Band Std. Devs. from Average }
    AlertLine( 1), { BBS_Index level at which to issue alerts }
    NormalColor( blue), { Normal color for BBS_Ind }
    AlertlColor( darkred) { Color for BBS_Ind below alert line }
    Variables: {---------------------------------------------}
    ATR(0), { Average True Range }
    SDev(0), { Standard Deviation }
    BBS_Ind(0), { Bollinger Band Squeeze Indicator }
    if barnumber = 1 and alertTextID = -1 then
    alertTextID = Text_New(date,time,0,"dummy");

    {-- Calculate BB Squeeze Indicator ----------------------}
    ATR = AvgTrueRange(Length);
    SDev = StandardDev(Price, Length, 1);
    BBS_Ind = (nBB * SDev) / (nK * ATR);

    {-- Plot the Index & Alert Line -------------------------}
    Plot1(BBS_Ind, "BBS_Ind");
    Plot2(AlertLine, "AlertLine");
    If Plot1 < Plot2 then
    SetPlotColor(1, NormalColor)
    SetPlotColor(1, AlertlColor);

    {-- Plot delta of price from Donchina mid line ----------}
    value2 = LinearRegValue(Price-((Highest(H,Length)+Lowest(L,Length))/2
    var:color(0); color = yellow;
    if value2>0 then color = green;
    if value2<0 then color = red;

    {-- Issue Alert when the Squeeze is On ------------------}
    if BBS_Ind crosses below AlertLine
    and Text_GetTime(alertTextID) <> time then begin
    text_setLocation(alertTextID, date, time, 0);
    Alert("BB Squeeze Alert");
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    Thanks for your replys, I have only just got my Tradestation account so I have just one more question... Do I have to be a computer geek to write this program into my account, or is it just a quick copy paste routine?
    Once again , Thankyou for your help.
  8. You can copy and paste that code. Off of menu: Go file/new window/easy language/indicator and copy it into window. Went the new indicator window first pops up just delete all the stuff in there and then copy. Hit verify, should work.

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  10. WOW! I was aware of the TS indicators that were "borrowed", but this ... only one word comes to mind ... Charlatans.
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