Discussion in 'Trading' started by easyrider, Apr 24, 2006.

  1. a MrMarket is in second place in the Squawk Box stock contest. Is that ET's MrMarket? It must not be or he would already be on here letting us know about it.:)
  2. oh man.... can you imagine the self loving posts on here if he wins??

    You will never see the end of the "MrMarket is HUUUGE" love fest...

  3. Choad


    Heh. CNBC needs to show that Mr Market "squirrel" picture that floats around here, when they mention his name! :p

    Go Mr Market! He's a total dweeb, but never has he posted a mean word to anybody that I've seen. Pretty rare around here...
  4. someone go on MrMarket's board and post a question asking if its really him...:D