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  1. neo_hr


    Dear Sirs


    Anyone who uses this thingy would you mind telling me how is it supposed to sound? Like one continuous transmission or interrupted like "five-PAUSE-even-pause ...etc"?

    What I hear is a word then a sec. pause then another word then another second pause etc etc.... OK I was listening to a trial at my friends house who has a 56k dial up so this may be the problem but the website states that there should be no probs as it is not a buffered signal but rather "live" transmission


  2. metal1


    there should be no pauses during the trading day. i would think 56k is too slow to get live info.
  3. neo
    I trialed one for a few days and it sounded good.
    I just didn't think it was worth $100 for my style of trading.

    I think if you used a cable or dsl connection and turned up the speakers you'd think yyou were actually in the pit....and I guess if you had a certain style of trading it would help.
  4. Is it the free one from the exchange or from another provider?
    The exchange one where you can choose the computer voice is kind of laid back. Price...buy....buy...price...

    The one from realtimefutures or los.net should sound like an auctioneer going nuts. (with no pauses)

    Goldman's on the phone, he's scratching his head, Goldman's got an order! locals are buying! humina-humina-humina...
  5. neo_hr


    ...dang it must be the connection. Man were in the stone age here................. :mad: :mad: :mad:
  6. Eldredge


    I ran this on an old p200 computer and it sounded like you said. I ran it on a better compute (same connection) and it was fine. I think I was using a cable modem. So, it could be the connection or the computer :confused: . Good luck
  7. DblArrow


    Gave it a trial today and for the next couple days, from realtimefutures.com; I cannot see the benefit (at this point). The prices being quoted where right in line with the ES (the spread was generally about 50 and the ES was mostly somewhere in between).

    What I mostly didn't care for is the auction atmosphere. When you could make out what the guy was saying you could get an idea of things; but I think a time and sales would give the same information. The guy who gave the main man a break was much easier to understand.

    I have DSL and it was continueous.