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    That guy is unbelieveable!!!
    He goes for 3 hours straight before even a 45 minute break!

  2. Kap


    Did anyone else hear his friend take over yesterday and the comment made in the background?
  3. Does having a Squawk Box help your trading?

  4. what was the comment?
  5. Bsulli


    I used them for 3 years. I learned more about how the pits really work from Ben than in the prior 14 years of trading the markets. The guy is a wealth of information. His brother is still one of the traders in the pit.

  6. Kap


    oops, the comment was on Xsquawk, not Ben Lichtenstein, nonetheless I'd be interested if anyone else heard it and acted on it ( re: pop and stop )
  7. love the squawk box but it's very interpretive....to be sure Ihave let it "f***** me up" sometimes....but thats a function of not being in top form to trade. If you like quiet you'll hate it.......I'm an ex floor dog....so definitlely like the color it adds.
  8. Would it add any value for a trader who's never even visited the trading floor?

  9. Boomer


    just to clarify, i have been wondering the same thing about how it would help your trading. i am still a little confused about what it does. i know it is a live sound feed or something like that, but could someone give me a littel more detail on it. thanks.
  10. I'm not sure......maybe it has no value to me other than I feel somewhat of a connection to the origin of what i am abstractly watching on my screen.......you might just pick up on stuff, you might need a little guidance in what you are hearing, you might find it a distraction.
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