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Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by allesim, Jul 1, 2002.

  1. allesim


    I wish to know your comments about the use of Squawk box paid services (like realtimefutures.com) with the goal of trading e-mini ES (not the full contract!)

    Is it any worth?
    I mean, listening to Merryll selling SP (full contract) can do any impact on ES (emini) ?
    Does is have a meaningful influence on the price of ES?
    Can this service be used as a "forecasting/leading indicator" when scalping for 1-2 points on ES?

  2. m_c_a98


    If Merril is selling down the SP then ES will also sell down. The markets are too sophisticated and technologically advanced to have any lasting divergences with the SP500's.
    Sometimes Minis will led, sometimes Big contracts will lead.

    Will a squawk box help your trading? only you can answer that. Try the free trials and see for yourself.
  3. MarkHyman

    MarkHyman Advanced Futures

    Some traders like it, and some don't. It may be a little too noisy
    for some and a little confusing at first. I know traders who are so used to listening to the squawk box, they can't trade if it is not on.
  4. josbarr


    J-Trader D.O.M.E shows the 5 best bid / offer and size for ES, NQ and other electronic markets. You can see rather than hear.
    Joe Barry
  5. I find the crowd noise to be pretty useful
  6. allesim


    Dear ROD:
    which service are you using?

    I am trialing realfutures.com (Ben) but after several hours I still cannot understand 90% of his talking.

    I read more times the glossary, typical expressions, etc

    ALso his voice is alwasy monotone,so he gives me no feel that someone is selling/ buying

    please let me know if other serivces are more clear
  7. I'm french, and it's very difficult to me to understand Ben LIs...
    I'm trying LOS.net.. the guys are more calm and u can hear the pit noise ;-)

  8. MarkHyman

    MarkHyman Advanced Futures

    Go to www.cme.com
    Then go to search: type in- marketsound
    This is a free service to hear market commentary.
    It is much slower than Ben from Real Time Futures
  9. Did anyone use X squawk today. I downloaded it....and everything seemed to be configured fine...but it never worked.

    Said "no broadcast" I think. Then when I try it right now at 8:00 ET it says "Status: Receiving Broadcast".


    still don't hear anything.

    guess the traders have gone home.


    anyone know if it worked today.
  10. nick88888


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