Squawk Box Fantasy Portfolio Challenge

Discussion in 'Trading' started by SammySOESa, Mar 17, 2006.

  1. anyone playing? i used to play Yahoo's Fantasy Stock Trading back in the 90's, and Wall St. players were using inside information to practically quadruple their portfolios every month, and sweep the prizes. Yahoo couldn't prevent the cheating, so they ended the game.

    what's gonna stop the same thing from happening now? whoever wins this '06 Maserati is probably gonna have an obscene net. i hope they rip the keys outta his hands when they find out he has some connection to Goldman's M&A department. :mad:



    Squawk? what's a sqwawk? how come it won't let me edit that? haha
  2. I signed up yesterday under the same ID as here. Nothing to lose and a Maserati to gain. See you in the rankings!

  3. i just signed up - same sn as here.

    let them sweep - if we find people with good records might as well model the real folio after their moves...

    they get a car, i get an island.

    wonder if becky takes it in the p**per?
  4. galiano


  5. i feel my soul growing cold......
  6. Cant believe with all the smack talking that goes on here nobody else is taking the challenge...

  7. oh man.. forget it...

    some soccer mom buying a .52 stock going to win and CNBC will pump on the show.."see everyone can trade.. no need to work"

    forget this... ain't for me
  8. galiano


    The point is there is no challenge. All luck. No different than lottery ticket. It's not real-time trades. Trades don't even have commission! Pure fantasy, luck not skill. Contest rules says it all. And CNBC will make winners into gurus LOL. It is total bs contest, if you can call it a contest.
  9. fyi, the rules state stocks must have mkt cap of 500mm as of march 31st.
  10. OK. i`m gonna have fun with it anyways. Why not? Might as well mirror my real trading and see what happens. For a Maserati i`ll take the time to enter trades once a day.
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