Squawk Box fantasy portfolio challenge Q/A

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Algorithm, Apr 7, 2006.

  1. I thought that since the squawk Box fantasy portfolio challenge might be a popular thing that some users of Elite Trader would participate in that we should start a thread that posts the answers to the daily SB fantasy portfolio questions. It's worth extra fantasy bucks to invest in the contest. Maybe if we can make sure Elite Traders get that free money, then it may push some of us up the rankings. Probably won't do much, but it will make this site worth visiting on a daily basis to get the extra bucks.

    So post the CORRECT answers to the daily questions if you have them. Pleas try to keep this thread on topic and current.

    I'll start us off with the answer to today's question in a reply to this message.

    Good Luck to fellow ET participants in the contest.

    Lets get an ET user to BRING HOME DA CHROME!
  2. Today's answer, 4/7/06 is:

    P & G
  3. I see there's already another thread with this theme, GOOD. I suppose we're assured to get the answers daily now.
  4. 4/11

    Answer: Dupont
  5. 4/12

    Mercedes E class
  6. alanm


    How many of these threads do we really need?