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  1. I've never listened to the squawk box guy Ben without thinking that its a total waste of time.

    I'm sure you all are making millions trading of the after the fact calls.

    I know its a good living for him. Since Emini, imo redundant and annoying.

    Any rebuttals?
  2. I never got anything from it as well. I haven't listened to it in years, so no idea what the current product is like.

    I just got tired of...

    even bid
    even bid
    even bid

  3. i have a proprietary app that tells me of every tick in the es very clearly.

    if Ben could deliver more than that he'd be trading , not talking
  4. You are right it makes for a good show. I subscribed for six months back in 2005 and I had to call him to cancel the subscription 3 times...
  5. What I find surreal is that Ben would suddenly flip to his normal voice and start joking with others and then before ya know it...

    even bid
    even bid
    even bid
  6. wow, i didn't know he had a normal voice.

    just like pee wee herman
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    I love the squawk, but it's not there to give entry/ exit signals. Ben, and the guys at trade the news are unashamed failed floor traders. Their job is just to relay what's happening in the pit, not call out trades.

    But you have to learn with time and experience how to use the pit audio. Once you find value in it, you'll never trade without it.
  8. Or you'll realize you don't need that crutch to trade.
  9. spd


    Meh, to me Ben is entertaining, its better than listening to Erin Burnett blow shit out of her asshole of a mouth. Just something to break up the monotny of staring at red and green candles for hours

    Ive not once placed a trade based on what he was calling, but I have stayed out of trades because of his lack of squawking, and that has saved me some money on trades I had no business being in. Plus the service is only a hundred bucks a month or whatever, it can come in handy on days where numbers come out, he'll beat cnbc or bloomberg to the punch on that kind of news. During slow times I usually turn Mr. Lichtenstein off and just listen to music.

    Im only trading part time right now (job has me travelling for months on end) so Im not currently a subscriber, but the days I do trade I'll catch myself saying

    at 8 even...
    at 8 even...
    at 8 even...

    ....in a creepy voice

    Once Im back home and not doing shit I'll resubscribe and trade full time once again. Accusations of being a failed floor trader or not, he definitely knows the games that go down on the trading floor.

    What I want to know is what is that e-mini service they offer? Is it just some dude watching time&sales and barking out what they see? If so, that is a total waste of money.